We just saw a new photo of Liz in a Bi-κi-ɴi. Her bսns are just as bouncy

Despite the fact that it is the dead of winter, Elizabeth Hurley is still working a Bi-κi-ɴi hard. Liz just shared a photo of herself on Instagram sporting a stunning white swimsսit. Furthermore, she should be displaying the suit whenever possible as it is from her very own swim line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

The image is plain: The 57-year-old actress is flaunting her incredibly defined abs while looking off into the distance. However, she used three different colored filters before uploading the images, and each one improved upon the previous one.

One Celestial Bi-κi-ɴi with three filters, she captioned the photo.

Of course, everyone adored it. One person commented, “As usual, unabashedly ravishing!,” while another added more fire emojis than I can count.

Liz has a lot of photos of herself in Bi-κi-ɴis. She mentioned this one from the Maldives in passing:

Additionally, she declared in November that she was “back in a Bi-κi-ɴi” which is essentially her take on jeans and a t-shirt:

Elizabeth is interested in fitness but doesn’t particularly enjoy going to the gym (i.e. finding ways to get active throughout your day). She previously said to Women’s Health, “I don’t really do any scheduled exercises, per se, because I like to get my activity from doing stuff than being in the gym.

To achieve this, she must perform squats while she uses the bathroom in order to tone her butt and legs, as well as go for a 20-minute stroll with her dogs to increase her heart rate. She is also passionate about logging and gardening (a.k.a. chopping trees down and hauling the around). Liz stated that she is likewise not afraid to work up a sweat while raking leaves.

I work outside just as much in the winter as I do in the summer, she claimed. “I would rather clean the house than go to the gym. I’d rather clean a mirror; it accomplishes the same thing.

Liz recently disclosed to WH that she makes an effort to eat mindfully. I make a concerted effort to eat three times every day, she said.

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