Watch as Nicki Minaj tells Katy Perry she has the ‘best bοοbs in the business’

When we watched Katy Perry arrive at the Met Gala red carpet, our first thought were *fingers crossed* that left bοοb is secured. Then Nicki Minaj showed up, and we completely forgot about the safety of Katy’s one bοοb and focused all of our energy on both of Nicki’s. Well, as it seems, Katy and Nicki linked up inside of the event and there’s video proof of them being the breast of friends and fully aware of their breast ᴀssets having a moment.

Sharing some behind the scenes snaps of her fit and the highly private affair on Instagram, Katy posted a series of pics and videos, captioned “bits n bobs,” one of which featured Queen of the Barbz, Nicki Minaj.

In the selfie vid, the duo share the love, which Nicki starting by saying, “Dear Katy Perry, I love you.” To which Perry responds, “I’m a Barb, everybody knows.” From there Minaj continued the adorable love-fest adding, “I just saw this lady standing here with very Sєxy legs and feet and it was her.”

Then Katy jokingly pointed out, “I have a ta-ta, and you got a ta-ta, because why? Because we mothers now,” which Nicki followed up with, “Katy still has the best bοοbs in the business!”

Scroll to slide 5 for the vid.

Ugh obsessed! Can we just say we absolutely love an impromptu celeb love sesh that’s shared on social for us to see.

Perry and Minaj both became first-time mothers in 2020, with Katy and her fiancé Orlando Blοοm welcoming their daughter Daisy Dove that August. Then in October of the same year, Minaj welcomed her son and first child, who she refers to as “Papa Bear” with husband Kenneth Petty, as his name hasn’t been officially announced.

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