There will be no more explicit posts. Britney undressed under Jackson

Every week there is a new pose from Britney Spears and she seems to be getting a taste for social media virality.

Whether in photo or video format, usually showing her dance moves, the artist always has something to share with her followers.

This time, Spears posted a sensual video, with a red filter, in which she can be seen dancing in a tiny bi-κi-ɴi.

At 40 years old, she enjoys showing off her body and her curves on her social media, and this time she was dancing to the beat of Michael Jackson.

Britney Spears’ other social media posts
Two weeks ago, she published another viral n-u-d-e, that time on Twitter, where she could be seen lying on a bed with a curious caption.

“I have premiere for a move this week ‘The legislative act of my p***y,” she wrote.

As was to be expected, this post prompted a rush of engagement, with fans and observers keen to have their say and comment on her photo and behaviour.

“OMGGG you are so stunning and beautiful!!!” replied one fan.

“Please tell me your account has been ha-ck-ed. There are so many things you could be doing with your life right now, and yet this is what you choose?” criticized another user.

Complaints about Britney Spears’ n-u-di-ty

All this nudity from Britney Spears has also seen her ex-husband Kevin Federline complaining about it, saying that their children are ashamed of it.

But, she herself has stressed that it is her freedom, which is something she is supported in by her current partner Sam Asghari.

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