She’s so cоmfоrtаble. Кristen once again wеոt out withоսt a brа

She is radiant! At the Los Angeles premiere of her newest movie, Spencer, Kristen Stewart walked the red carpet without a brа on and wore a magnificent Chanel two-piece ensemble.

A black bralette top and a lacey grey and black skirt were part of the gothic-inspired ensemble. The Charlie’s Angels actress’ toned abs were seen by the sheer paneling that around the top of her ruffled bottom. She finished off the ensemble with a straightforward silver necklace, ring, and updo for her blonde hair.

The 31-year-old actress, who plays Princess Diana in the movie, also wore Chanel to the U.K. premiere of the film. It turns out that for the movie’s promotional poster, the venerable fashion house also replicated the white mermaid dress the late queen wore in 1998.

Chanel’s archives currently house the actual dress, but the company decided against using it. For Kristen, they remade it instead.

The Underwater actress loves to go brаless and is frequently spotted doing so while out and about or hanging out with friends. She also enjoys donning an oversized blazer and just a brа, though.

The Los Angeles native isn’t the only celebrity that like certain styles of attire, of course. “I don’t wear a brа when I’m wearing a top. I basically wear a brа if I’m wearing one, Rihanna previously told Vogue about her sense of style.

According to Kristen’s stylist Tara Swennen, the brа and blazer were specifically chosen to blend “both masculine and feminine characteristics, the clean tailoring and powerful lines always convey confidence, while the brа adds a little unexpected flair.”

There are some cuts that the Twilight actress feels comfortable wearing, whether she chooses to go brаless or just wears a brа with a nice outfit. It’s a natural go-to these days because the crop top flatters her figure so beautifully, Tara continued.

The Panic Room actress appreciates showcasing her individual style, despite this. “My style is a touch unconventional and edgy. She recently told Vanity Fair, “I enjoy dressing in ways that showcase my personality because I feel much more at ease and confident when I do. If I look like everyone else, it will be monotonous. Even if others don’t like what I’m wearing, I like to stand out.

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