“She is pregnant”: Sаggу ʙrеаsts, tսmmу – photo of Spears in a transparent nightgown surprised fans

“She is pregnant”: Sаggу ʙrеаsts, tսmmу – photo of Spears in a transparent nightgown surprised fans

Popular American singer Britney Spears has long been making her fans worry.

She regularly posts vulgar posts on her Instagram page, which caused even her children to stop seeing their mother. Recently, Spears tried to justify her frank dancing with some kind of incurable disease, the salvation from which is her strange body movements in a half-ɴaκed form.

True, the singer kept silent about what illness makes a 40-year-old woman publish photos in which she simply stands, demonstrating her charms.

One of these pictures recently reappeared on Britney’s social network, which has more than 40 million subscribers from all over the world. In the photo, the famous artist posed only in a translucent nightgown, through the thin fabric of which the relief of Spears’s sagging ʙreasts was visible.

However, subscribers, already accustomed to the ɴaκed forms of the singer, drew attention to the blue wrist, tousled hairstyle and circles under the woman’s eyes. In addition to the mess behind the singer’s back, the photo looked more like an illustration from a brochure about a psychiatric hospital.

If earlier ɴυde pictures of Britney Spears caused indignation and disappointment of fans, now most of them expressed concern for her condition:

She looks so sad, I think she is pregnant and giving us hints, Am I the only one who thinks she looks pregnant in this video? She has a huge belly and the dress really accentuates it.

Why is her makeup always messed up… like she woke up from a bad hangover and doesn’t look in the mirror…

Something is seriously wrong. This is not normal behavior. God. Stop supporting this behavior.

Why is everything so creepy so far?

Damn sad to watch. And watch her “fans” defend it.

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