Olivia Wilde Isn’t Relying on Glam to Look Gorgeous!

Olivia Wilde, a hardworking actress, director, and mother of two children, makes managing her many tasks appear effortless. While she usually looks lovely on the red carpet, the House alum is also indisputably stunning without any makeup on! Olivia’s admirers, on the other hand, adore seeing her go natural at home or on the set of a new film project.

On Instagram, the New York City native occasionally posts candid images of herself and her children, Daisy and Otis, whom she has with ex-fiancé Jason Sudekis. Olivia began dating singer Harry Styles after the two split in 2020, after meeting on the production of her film Don’t Worry Darling.

Olivia captioned this cute black-and-white photo of herself cuddling Daisy with the hashtag “#nationaldaughtersday” in September 2019. The actress from The Lazarus Effect flaunted her naked skin in the photo, beaming with her daughter.

Olivia spoke with Vogue in October 2021 about her ambition to promote sustainable beauty methods as a frequent proponent of good skincare.

View photographs of Olivia without makeup by scrolling through the slideshow!

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