Meet Zoë, The Cat Who Literally Wears Her Heart On Her Chest

Some kittens play coy while others are aloof, but not Zoë, she literally wears her heart on her chest! The tuxedo feline has a beautiful marking of an anatomically correct heart patch of fur between her chest that is unlike any other. Her longer coat has earned her the nickname ‘The Fluff’, though she also goes by ‘Queen Of Hearts’. Just take a peek at the photos below, and see if they can win over your heart as well.

When her soon-to-be humans came over to adopt her sister, kitten Zoë charmed them into adopting her as well

Here’s Zoë when she was just a kitten

Love at first site, and the two tuxedo sisters remained united

As Zoë grew, so did her heart and her fur

She’s still adorable all grown up.

Her longer coat has earned her the nickname ‘The Fluff’, though she also goes by ‘Queen Of Hearts’

This is what her heart looks like when she walks

Zoë and her sister, Izzy, chronicle their adventures through their popular Instagram account with over 90,000 followers @izzyandthefluff.

Basically a real-life Care Bear

Zoë and her sister Izzy are inseparable

At first, most attention went to Zoë and her adorable heart-marking

But recently, they have become equally popular as Izzy has amassed quite the fanbase of her own

Izzy doesn’t have the same markings, but she does have hilarious, wide-eyed expressions:

Just look at her!

The British Shorthair mixes are similarly adorable but have different personalities.

According to their humans, Izzy is fearless and adventurous, while Zoë is more cautious, yet extremely curious.

Both kitties are equally affectionate, towards their humans and each other.

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