Lindsay Lohan and Tiffany Trump Are Still Hanging Out in Mykonos

Lindsay Lohan may not be the pathological liar Paris Hilton would have you believe. Last month, Lohan told The New York Times that Tiffany Trump would be making her way over to Mykonos to hang out with the actress at her new Lohan Beach Club, and if Instagram and Page Six are to be believed, she wasn’t kidding.

Trump has been hanging out with Lohan and her friend Andrew Warren since last week. According to Page Six, though, some pH๏τos of Lohan and Trump together have been deleted from Instagram, including one posted by Lohan herself, stirring up rumors that Trump may make an appearance on Lohan’s upcoming reality show for MTV. While Warren has been refreshing his Instagram page with new pH๏τos daily, Trump’s page hasn’t been updated since she’s been in Greece.

Which brings us back to Hilton. The former Lohan pal has also shared her thoughts on the new show. She won’t be tuning in. TMZ caught up with Hilton and her fiancé Chris Zylka at the airport and asked her if she had any advice for Lohan.

“There’s nothing like the original. Nothing like the O.G.,” she said, perhaps a reference to her own early reality hit, The Simple Life. Zylka interjected suggesting that Lohan should just “stop.”

“If somebody messes with my family, I don’t forgive,” Hilton continued.

TMZ’s best guess is that Hilton is referring to a 2013 party where her younger brother Barron was beat up, allegedly because Lohan requested it.

Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, added his two cents, telling Page Six, “It’s a shame that with [Lindsay’s] success, people like [Hilton] can’t let go of the past. It seems she’s jealous . . . and she can’t grow up and let go, like Lindsay has. Lindsay, and us as a family, wish Paris the best. . . . It’s sad that she harbors so much resentment. Life is too short for that.”

So it appears as if Hilton won’t be honeymooning at the Lohan Beach House. Probably for the best.

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