«It’s illegal to look this good at 55»: The recent «honest» photo of Mexican actress Salma Hayek pleasantly surprised her fans

Are you ready to see how Hayek looks in her entirely natural look without makeup?

There is no denying that unlike most of her colleagues and co-worker, overall-famous, intelligent and in-demand actress Salma Hayek never ceases to pleasantly surprise her fans with her completely natural beauty, unearthly charm and charism.

No one remained indifferent towards the fact Salma still looks fantastic and dazzling at 55 shortly after the «honest» photo of the outstanding film star was shared on social media.

Without an ounce of cosmetics, she appeared to be brave and confident enough to proudly show the way she looked. Many rushed to remark that the iconic actress has maintained her unrealistic beauty and, undoubtedly, looks much younger.

Some were left speechless with the fact the world-class actress didn’t mind sharing her photo where she had no makeup on or styled hair. This was evidence that she accepts the way she looks without turning to plastic surgeons and cosmetologists.

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