Emily loves black, especially if the fabric is transparent

New York Fashion Week officially begins today, but Emily Ratajkowski kicked off the festivities last night with a big bash. The model attended a party celebrating the opening of Cult Gaia’s flagship store in Soho.

She attended the event in an eye-catching black sheer Cult Gaia gown.

Ratajkowski spoke candidly to ELLE.com in November about how she found her confidence in the fashion industry and what inspired her to try bangs. She wore them as curtain bangs to last night’s parties.

When asked how she projects confidence, Ratajkowski replied, “I’ll trim the bangs, honestly,” which she considers the ultimate confident move. I’ll trim my bangs and then consider a red lip.

If I just put that on, it’s like, ‘Well, nobody can fυcκ with me,’ basically. You must also work on your internal confidence. Don’t fool yourself. “Basically, I wait until I feel confident.”

The bangs were a “relatively” spontaneous choice. “I adore them,” she declared. “I never want to return. ‘You cannot be this person,’ all of my friends said.

You can’t get bangs while going through a breakup.’ And I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to be this person.’ Then they all say, ‘I’m so sorry, you were right; they look good.’

So I’m really happy about it. ‘I’m not just being crazy, I swear,’ I say. I doubt I’ll ever return to not having.

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