Bella walks the catwalk tорless and is fitted with a dress made with paint

A thick layer of white latex was strategically sprayed on Hadid’s body, creating an opaque layer. In just a few minutes, the whole thing formed a mid-length, chunky-looking slit dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves, which hung elegantly down her arms as Hadid walked off stage to close out the Coperni fashion show. Videos of the performance quickly went viral on the internet.

Coperni is known for its daring clothing and accessories. The brand went viral in April with a hand-blown glass handbag worn by Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat. Anyone who wants to get hold of such an artistic bag will have to do something for it, because it has a price tag of almost 3000 euros.

Bella Hadid can’t be turned off the catwalk this month. She previously stood on the catwalk for Victoria Beckham and on Thursday she walked the carpet for Isabel Marant’s fashion show with her sister Gigi Hadid. Earlier this week she was in London to show the new creations of fashion brand Burberry.

Bella and Giga Hadid’s mother was under fire last week for allegedly ‘starving’ her daughters. The criticism followed an old video showing Yolanda and Gigi having a conversation about nutrition. “I feel very bad. I only ate half an almond,” says Gigi to her mother. “Take some almonds. And chew well”, Yolanda responds. According to critics, Yolanda regularly urged Gigi and Bella to eat little and stay slim.

Mother Yolanda did not take the criticism very seriously and responded jokingly to the accusations in the video on TikTok. In the video, she has a large bowl of almonds that she eats in several places. “Worst mom ever,” she wrote.

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