Miley Cyrus reacts to Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick’s ‘Flowers’ cover

Miley Cyrus can take herself dancing and hold her own hand. Yeah, she can love herself better than you can. But she can’t possibly love this cover of her smash “Flowers” more.

Cyrus has given the stamp of approval to Kevin Bacon and wife Kyra Sedgwick’s version of her monster hit.

“Love this,” Cyrus tweeted Feb. 9 in response to Bacon posting a video of him and Sedgwick singing the track the day before.

“Clearly, so do we. Thanks for this tune,” Bacon replied to Cyrus.

Bacon and Sedgwick’s cover kicked off with “The Closer” star alluding to Bacon’s penchant for being surrounded by goats while singing on social media.

“We’re not with the goats, but we thought we’d try a goat song, anyway,” Sedgwick said before they began their performance.

Bacon, with guitar in hand, then launched into the song, with Sedgwick more than holding her own, even adding some levity by peppering in sounds from a toy goat throughout. She also wore an “Animal House” T-shirt, perhaps an homage to the fact that Bacon appeared in the 1978 comedy.

Sedgwick and Bacon (left) put on a show Cyrus (right) appreciated. Getty Images

It may seem odd for Bacon and Sedgwick to cover “Flowers,” but the “Footloose” star has performed for years with his brother, Michael, as part of The Bacon Brothers.

“Flowers” has quickly turned into another smash for Cyrus. It has become the most-streamed song in a seven-day period in Spotify history, notching more than 101 million streams since its release on Jan. 12, en route to reaching the 100 million plateau faster than any other song has.

Maybe someone should buy Cyrus flowers for the achievement.

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